Phenomenal Gem is a context-oriented framework implemented in Ruby that allows context-oriented programming in Ruby and Ruby on Rails applications.

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Damn What Is Phenomenal Gem?

The Phenomenal Gem is a COP framework for the dynamic programming language Ruby. With this framework, programmers can handle contexts as first-class entities allowing them to adapt the behaviour of their applications dynamically in a clean and structured manner. In addition to this COP framework, the thesis also introduces the notion of CaaF that tries to merge the best of COP and FOP into a single new paradigm. From the point of view of usability in today’s web application, this thesis builds the notion of FaaS on top of CaaF , and integrates it in the Ruby on Rails web framework. The implementation and semantics of these concepts are presented in detail and validated by a real-world case study of a SaaS ERP application, developed by an industrial collaborator.